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Has your roof been impacted by storm damage? If so, you may be eligible for assistance from your insurance company with the damage. Whether you need assistance with a roof wind damage insurance claim, or perhaps a hail damage roof repair claim, our team knows how to help you. While we obviously cannot speak to the insurance agency on your behalf, we can work with the insurance company during the inspection and repair process, to make everything as hassle-free as possible. When you need help with roof damage insurance claims for storm damage in Brunswick OH, please give us a call at (330) 220-5000 today to get started.  

We’ll walk you through the insurance maze and deal directly with your insurance company.  
If your home has sustained damage in a hail or high-wind storm, call us today and we’ll get started returning everything to normal. 
First priority should be securing your property so no further damage occurs. We will assess the damage and determine if it is causing leaks that can lead to future problems. We will meet with the adjuster and point out all of the damage that your roof has sustained. Adjusters are less likely to deny a claim if a roofing professional is there documenting the damage. Your best interest is our top priority. 

Contact your insurance company quickly.  
Don’t put this off! Most insurance companies have deadlines regarding the amount of time you have to file a claim. Have your policy in hand and know the exact date the damage occurred. Start a folder or file to keep all of your information in one place until the project has been completed.

​Hail damage will reduce the life expectancy of your roof and is often hard for the untrained eye to detect. You may never see actual holes or indentations, but there could be thousands of dollars of damage. We can help. Our storm damage experts will guide you through the insurance maze. Protect your investment and your property value with a free no obligation inspection! We’ll be happy to meet with you and your adjuster to evaluate your claim.  Having a licensed and qualified roof contractor present during the inspection is a great way to make sure your insurance company will offer a fair settlement. An honest roofing contractor will make sure that the settlement matches the damages on your roof. If you have any before pictures of your roof, these can work in your favor. In the event that the settlement claim you’ve been offered is too low, or if you’ve been denied a roof insurance claim entirely, give us a call at (330) 220-5000. Our team will know exactly what your adjustment sheet should cover, and we also know what the insurance company should be paying for those adjustments. We have years of experience handling roof damage insurance claims for storm damage, and while we will work with your insurance company to get the results you need, we ultimately work for you. That’s why we do whatever we can to take away as much stress as possible from the roof damage insurance claims process for you.

BEWARE!   Wind and Hail storms bring a new breed of companies to our area; out-of-state "Storm Chasers". Workmanship is not their priority and they're gone as soon as they've milked the local economy. It is essential that you have a local company you can always count on to avoid problems and warranty issues after the job is done.  

What is a "storm chaser"?

Storm chasers are companies that follow severe weather from state to state, completing home repairs (generally roofs and siding) that are damaged by hail and wind. They collect homeowners’ insurance claim checks in payment for their services; complete the work (often shoddily) then move on to the next storm ravaged area. They generally go door-to-door in storm damaged areas, and may advertise themselves as insurance recovery experts or specialists in insurance restoration. (The term “Storm Chaser” can also be used to describe a person who follows storms in order to research, photograph, or simply experience a weather phenomenon. This type of storm chaser is entirely different and is not of any concern to a homeowner!)

Why are storm chasers bad?

The first step of a storm chaser is to ask the homeowner to sign a contract allowing their company to negotiate with homeowner’s insurance company. By signing these documents, homeowners may be waiving their right to any decision making regarding their repairs or replacement. They also lose control over the insurance settlement, and the entire check of the payment may legally need to be signed over to the storm chaser- regardless of the quality or quantity of work completed. The homeowner may lose some control over materials used, leaving the storm chaser free to cut corners in order to increase their profit. Most importantly, warranty repairs can be very difficult to obtain as most storm chasers leave the area as soon as the storm “plays out.” These companies are generally gone long before warranty issues arise. The company is certainly not going to return from Florida or Texas to repair a problem with their work. Even worse, if you end up getting swindled by what are called “storm chasers”, you could end up losing a lot of money or even get indicted on fraud charges. If you are told something seemingly as harmless as a company covering your deductible a red flag should go up immediately. Certain companies will tell you they will pay you back a percentage of the claim or even pay you an “advertising fee” for placing a sign in your yard. The problem is that when the insurance company doesn’t end up paying out as much as expected, you are still responsible for paying the contractor the full inflated balance.

Storm chasers usually:

• Come door to door and try to get you to sign something immediately
• Use high pressure sales tactics
• Offer you a “Free Roof” or “Free Siding” or offer a way around paying a deductible (this is insurance fraud!)
• Have out-of-state license plates or drivers license (and YES! you can & should ask to see a drivers license to verify identity.)
• Are unable to produce recent, local references (or references from before the storm date)
• Are unable to produce local supplier references (always check references from a potential contractors’ suppliers. If suppliers aren’t paid in a timely fashion by a contractor,
• they can legally place a lien on your home)
• Have no proof of manufacturer certifications (large manufacturers offer their own certifications to established legitimate contractors. Look for GAF Master Elite Contractors, GAF Certified Contractors, CertainTeed 5-Star Contractors)
• Are unable to produce a roofing license and certificate of insurance with the same identification information. A legitimate local company should show you an Ohio Roofing License and a Certificate of Liability/Workers Compensation both issued in the same name. If the names don’t match, you may not be protected.
• Are unlisted, have unsatisfactory ratings or have complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau. You can look them up at

When you need help with roof and siding damage insurance claims please give us a call at (330) 220-5000 today to get started.